Bottling Production Utility

Company Name:
Sazerac Company
Welcome to Barton 1792 Distillery, Barton Brands of Kentucky. Our proud heritage dates back to 1879 with the founding of the Tom Moore Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. Renamed Barton 1792 Distillery, we continue to produce the highest quality spirits for over 130 years. In 2009, we became a part of Sazerac Company which was established in 1850 and is a leading U.S. spirits supplier, with the world's most decorated distillery, and a portfolio of award-winning brands. Sazerac is an independent, family owned company; we attribute our success to a unique blend of our history, culture, brands, relationships, innovation, technology, and most importantly, our people.
As utility operator, individuals will be trained in all four areas listed below:
1. Case Feeding - Make sure cases are oriented on production lines correctly. Keep production lines full of cases, get case counts at the end of runs, ensuring enough cases on line to empty bottling tanks. Drive forklift to move empty cases off the truck and onto the depalletizer station. Keep station full at all times. Keep work area clean and neat.
2. Filler Operator - Understand operation of on-off switches for the bottling unloaders, cleaners, and fillers, (including vacuum
Have full understanding of automatic start-stop switches and manual jog switches for the unloaders, cleaners,
and fillers.
Be able to replace filler tubes and air tubes on cleaners.
Must be able to change fill height and filler tube washers.
Must understand cut-off and end of dumps.
Know how to change sock filters on the fillers.
Full knowledge required to change unloaders, cleaners, and fillers from one bottle to another bottle.
3. Labeler Operator - Operate on-off, lock out, and emergency stop switches
Know how and why to shim pickers
Know clean up procedures for labeler and how to change parts on all Labelers
Be able to read and understand setup charts
Know how to select proper labels for bottling orders
Be able to change grip fingers, brushes, and pickers using proper tools and adjust baskets properly
Know how and why to change settings on pressure sensitive labeler
4. Packer Operator - Know how to turn packers and conveyors on and off.
Understand function of electric eyes and control switches.
Be able to recognize change parts and be able to make bottle changes.
Understand what indicator lights mean.
Be able to change finger retainer springs on Meyer packing heads and replace fingers on bottling baskets.
Be responsible for replacing cases with broken glass and leaking bottles.
Be responsible for bottle count in the cases.
Be able to clear machines for EODs and order changes.
Be responsible for keeping packer area clean.
Utility Operators will be required to work weekends but will get a day of rest during the Monday through Friday work week.
Utility Operators will may be required to work different shifts during the normal work week depending on need.
Date: 2014-09-18
Country: US
State: KY
City: Bardstown
Category: Manufacturing/Production/Warehouse

Don't Be Fooled

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